Ahava Care is devoted to progressing the health and wellness of our clients by formulating proven botanical elements through the advancements of science and technology. By offering meticulously crafted products with this purpose, we’ve harnessed the potential healing advantages of cannabidiol and other essential oils. We strive to optimize the harmonious approach between the best nature has to offer with the available science to ultimately enhance our wellbeing. Our team of pharmaceutical industry professionals and CBD specialists are dedicated to continued research and development in order to achieve better solutions for the future. By embracing history and new scientific research, we’ve crafted this specialty line of CBD products for patients of all backgrounds and ages. With the most comprehensive support and education available, we’re here to deliver unparalleled care for all of our clients.

THC-free, Non-GMO, Hemp-Derived CBD

We proudly source our non-GMO, hemp-derived CBD from domestic farms with organic farming practices. Experience pesticide-free, non-toxic products formulated with organic, natural botanical specimens.

Pharmacist Developed Products

Ahava Care provides premium CBD formulations developed by pharmacists for superior healing potential. Through dedicated research and development, our line of CBD products give patients the best nature has to offer.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Speak with industry professionals with pharmaceutical backgrounds for CBD education as well as potential CBD drug interactions. We offer unparalleled customer support so you can make the most informed decision regarding your health.